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The YesAnd.com New York Improv Festival (held the weekend of September 29, 2000) was my first all-digital festival. Between my digital camera and digital video camera I ended up with 60 MB of stills and 4 hours of video. Whew. Here's a sample, with short commentary:

The Place

All of the workshops and performances took place at the New 42nd Street Theater, just down the street from the Port Authority bus station.

99 seats The Stage
The View from the Stage
The View from the Seats

Some Groups

Yellow Man Group
Yellow Man Group (Tokyo)
LA TheatreSports (LA)
Dopplegangers NBBM
Dopplegangers (NY)
The Next Big Broadway Musical (NY)
It's Me!
Blurry Plan B
Bare Essentials (Chicago)
(Shaun's on the left, I'm on the right)
Plan B (NY)
This was the clearest picture I got of them - they move around too much :-)

Some People

Asaf Drinking
Asaf, festival co-coordinator and toast-maker
William McEvoy, festival co-coordinator
I'm always worried I'm spelling Armando wrong
Armando Diaz
Celia Bressack, our genial hostess
Israeli Guys
Almost a Kiss
The guys from Israel
Shaun Landry and Sam Shaw
Pigs Are Funny
Improvisors by a Pig
Pre-All-Star Musical Jam Nerves
Got Bread?
New York Mulhern
Sally from DC visits her first Lesbian Bar
Ladies and Gentlemen, John Mulhern
Yuri and Jeff
Jeff Wirth and Yuri Kinugawa
Matt from Brain Trust

New York

This was only my second time in New York. Shaun and I got a chance to do some touristy things like:

Lady Liberty. And trash. Letterman
Ride the Staten Island Ferry. That's the Statue of Liberty in the background, and a garbage barge in the foreground. Ah, New York.
See the outside of the Letterman Studios
Balls. Shaun's not gay.
See the Wall Street Bull's Balls
Visit Stonewall
Shaun likes strippers.
See the remanents of the
42nd St. "Adult" Industry

And Get Tattoos

Both Shaun and I have each been meaning to get another tattoo for a while, and we couldn't think of a better place to get impulse tattoos than the Village on a Saturday afternoon.

Oooh. Ooooh.
Tattoos hurt.
Mine. It's in a private spot, so this is the best picture you get.
Shaun's. He's free.
Mad Dog.
Mad Dog! Our tattooist bud!

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