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July 29, 2004

Del Close Marathon begins tomorrow

The 6th Del Close Marathon starts tomorrow in New York City, hosted by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The marathon features over 100 groups from around the country performing for 55 hours straight. This year, the marathon has expanded to 2 stages.

The Peoples Improv Theater and Juvie Hall (formerly Above Kleptomania) have taken advantage of the influx of out-of-town improvisors with a host of extra shows.

And there are classes: a raft of workshops at Upright Citizens Brigade, a drop-in class at the Peoples Improv Theater, and classes with Joe Bill and Mark Sutton being organized by Ari Voukydis (redsox.nation@verizon.net).

YesAnd.com has provided a helpful color-coded chart (60 KB PDF) to the entire weekend.

Update: The New York Press previews the marathon and the growing New York improv scene in an article called I�m Funny, You're Funny: The supportive and growing community of improv comedy

Posted by Fuzzy at July 29, 2004 4:58 PM