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July 1, 1999

Roadtrip to Portland

Brian Peebles Kameoka <brian@brodytheater.com> writes:

"There have been rumblings ever since Funny Outfit announced the dates for SIX (October 14-16) of a charter/tour bus to run from Kansas City to the Portland Improv Festival (October 15-24).

"In every conversation I've had with people, there has been unanimous agreement that this is a COOL idea (and it explodes into more and more ideas... get Comedy Central or MTV to sponsor & film it, a la Road Rules/The Real World, create a "festival on wheels" to tour central and western states en route, and so on). Any thoughts? Think you could post something on your Imrov News section? I guess basically someone needs to take charge of organizing it (as fest director for Portland, I can't take it on), and not that it needs to be you, but your site outta have the "eyeballs" as they say."

So... get in touch with Brian if you'd like to organize that beast.

Posted by Fuzzy at July 1, 1999 12:00 PM