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January 2, 2005

Upcoming Festivals

2005 is jam-packed with festivals (21 by my count, and that's just through the fall). Here's what's coming up in the next few months. Check out the Festivals page for more.

Chicago Sketch Fest (Chicago, IL) January 6-16, 2005
Yes, as the name of the festival indicates, this is sketch comedy, not improv. But because it's Chicago you'll see a lot of improvisors on stage using their from-a-script muscles. And the Octa-Sketch event, Monday January 10, blurs the line as 4 teams of 5 actors from different sketch comedy troupes will be given 8 hours to create a 30-minute sketch comedy show to be performed that evening.

San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival (San Francisco, CA) January 13-30, 2005
More sketch. Sue me. Three weeks of performances from great performers from all over the country.

Snubfest (Chicago, IL) January 21-23, 2005
This new festival has one main application requirement - your show has to have been rejected by another festival sometime in 2004. The organizers brag that their participants have been snubbed by HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival, the Amsterdam Improv Festival, Seattle SketchFest, WaffleFest, the Del Close Marathon, Toronto Improv Festival, Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Miami Improv Festival, and the Chicago Short Film Festival.

Miami Improv Festival (Miami, FL) February 2-6, 2005
Bare will be there, and it's my birthday weekend.

Seattle Festival of Improv Theater (Seattle, WA) February 16-20, 2005

Dirty South Improv Festival (Chapel Hill, NC) February 24-27, 2005

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