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May 3, 2005

Slowly (very) but surely

Cue the elephants. Assemble the brass band. Let's get a parade started -- I have ordered bookshelves.

If you've visited the house in the last year (which is to so say, ever since we moved in) you know how big a deal this is. Last year when we had to move out of the old place rather suddenly, one of the casualties was 5 or 6 bookshelves -- the books went into the storage unit, but the bookshelves were left at the old place.

When we moved into the condo, we decided that the room that would, for most people, be a dining room would be our library. And the boxes of books got stacked in that room and I started a search for the perfect shelving system to maximize the use of space in that room. Well, a year later and I realized that the perfect was never going to happen, and that I was using the space in the least efficient way possible as long as it was filled with boxes. So I went to 57th Street Bookcase & Cabinet and ordered a pretty good bookcase solution. In six to eight weeks, we'll have a usable room. (Bum-bum-bump-a-bum) (That's the brass band starting up)

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