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July 22, 2005


I've been mentioning lately (in person, at least -- I don't know if I've mentioned it here) how much I enjoy having Lillie as a director. Among other things, she's taken full control of rehearsals and it's been really liberating for me to just show up to a Neutrino Project rehearsal. Well, tonight that bit us in the ass a little when I realized that while the actor-Fuzzy can just relax and show up to rehearsals, the tech director-Fuzzy needed to have planned ahead for tonight's rehearsal. It worked out OK for the cast, but I had to leave the rehearsal in the middle to have a talk with the Improv Kitchen tech guy who's going to be working with our show. Which screwed actor-Fuzzy out of some of the rehearsal.

I'm wearing three hats in this run of Neutrino. I'm an actor in the show, which as I've said means mainly just showing up to rehearsals. I'm also a co-producer of the show, and Shaun's so busy with his game that I've taken over a number of the press-liason duties he usually covers, in addition to the graphic design work I usually do (though maybe that's a fourth hat). And I'm the technical director of the show. Out of all the different parts of the show that I've tried to delegate over time, it's the hardest to give up -- I have the gear, I know how the show works, and I just don't trust that anyone else understands it as well as I do. Which is silly -- there are plenty of very technically competent people in the FuzzyCo family. It's just... my baby.

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