motes vs logs

A couple of years ago I was the Sketch Stage venue manager for the Chicago Improv Festival. I sat up in the tech booth and made fun of any group that had tech requirements more complicated than 'lights up/lights down' -- "They have to know that they're coming to a festival, which means they have no familiarity with nor control over the space and we're on an incredibly tight schedule."

Pot, allow me to introduce kettle.

We have 47* sound cues in our show. (I know this because I finished editing and assembling all the sound cues tonight. Add "sound designer" to the list of credits I won't bother giving myself in the program.) We have dancers, a cat, a couple bags of costumes and props, and leather jackets with battery-powered Christmas lights on them.

We did also, however, have our first* all-cast rehearsal tonight. Nobody was off-book and people kept goofing around, but I felt really good about it. These are all people we've worked with before on high-stress projects like the Neutrino Project and they've always come through. I trust them not to let me down.