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Hey, I'm performing in a variety of shows over the next few weeks!

Friday night (January 28) I'll be at The Playground (3209 N Halsted) at 8 pm, performing with Chicago Comedy Company and James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party. Yes, my kickball team. Six of us on the team are improvisors, so Rene signed us up at The Playground for a guest slot. (Feast of Pedro and Inside Vladimir will also be performing.)

Saturday night (January 29) I'll be back at The Playground, but for the midnight show -- the Belmont Burlesque Revue. Shaun and I will be "Gerdes and Himmerick" -- our vaudeville-esque comedy duo. The shows features a variety of musical, comedy, magic, and burlesque performers.

Monday night (January 31) Shaun and I will be Bare, our two man improv show, at the Bird's Nest Bar (2500 N Southport). We're up with some stand-up comedians and another sketch or improv group. The wings, as I often mention, are excellent.

And then next weekend, it's a (semi-)tropical getaway! We'll be doing two Bare shows at the Miami Improv Festival. Thursday, February 3, is my birthday, so come to that show. Yes, fly to Florida and come to my show for my birthday!