Toronto - Thursday

Beth playing gameboy at O'HareOur flight was scheduled to leave at 3:45 pm (Central Datlight Time), which meant we were boarding about the time the power went out from Toronto to Maryland. We got out on the tarmac and sat there for a half an hour before they realized this wasn't a transient problem and sent us back to the gate. Lots of people were trying to get on the 6:30 flight, which wasn't officially canceled yet. We sensibly believed a ticket agent who told us this wasn't going to be solved any time soon, got ourselves booked on a 9 am flight, and went home. Sometimes it's not that bad to be "stuck" if you're in your own town -- we went and had a great dinner at Frankie J's on Broadway. Given the adventures Jeff and others were having, I'm double-extra-happy I got to sleep in my own bed that night.