I rarely talk about the media I consume (and consume I do -- just finished Thud! It was great! 30 books in the series and it's still awesome.) but this is important. We're in the fifth cycle* of, as I like to say real fast and like I were just a little buzzed, "'Murica'sNeshTupMidel". So, hey, last night they made that pageant girl cut her hair! They said they were doing it for a new look*, but we all know they were doing it just so she'd freak, which she did on cue. But what I really wanted to mention from last night was James St. James. I did a little mid-show googling when they said he was an author... he wrote Disco Bloodbath, which became the documentary Party Monster and then the movie Party Monster (actually, it also became the paperback Party Monster as the book was renamed, too). And of course he has a blog... where he of course talks about being on the show.

And speaking of blogs, we tided ourselves over between Seasons Cycles Four and Five by watching the Seas Cycle One DVDs. The singular standout that (dammit I'm going to say it) season was the intelligent and articulate Elyse. Erica did some googling her own self and discovered that she has a LiveJournal. Evidently, she didn't go off to medical school, as she proudly proclaimed when she was eliminated, because she's working as a model in, right now, Hong Kong. Her LJ is every bit as cool and funny as I'd have expected from her on-screen personality.