Customer Service

A few years ago I bought a $50 MP3 player from Secondhand Monkeys for Erica. And then I got her an iPod, so the lil' MP3 player got tossed in a drawer. This winter, I was between iPods and I pulled out that MP3 player to have something to listen to while riding the train. Unfortunately, it used a non-standard USB cable which I couldn't find in any of my assorted-computer-parts boxes. So I emailed Pat Misterovich from Secondhand Monkeys, who has moved on to projects like the Pez MP3 Player, asking if he still had any of those cables I could buy. And he just sent me two, which was delightful.

And then Erica got me a new iPod and the Secondhand Monkey player went back into the drawer (this time with its cable rubber-banded to it). But the point of the story is just to note that there is still good customer service out there and that if you're in the market for a novelty MP3 player, I know where you should go.