Andy Ihnatko continues to lead the life I'd love to lead if only I wasn't doing all the things I'm doing that I love doing already. Huh? Anyway... last weekend he set off on the The New England Ironman Diner Decathalon, visiting 10 Diners in 6 New England states in one day. In the course of his extensive notes on the journey, he lets off an excellent rant discourse on the attraction of diners:

Look, here's why I like diners: they nail the compulsories. Stereotypically, they're not interested in making you a short stack of pancakes cooked with artesian-style whole grains on a stone-floured hardwood-fired grill, served with a kiwi/loganberry compote and the Penguin edition of "Boswell's London Journal." No, they want to serve you the most perfect stack of ordinary pancakes you've ever eaten. Ditto for a BLT, a club sandwich, or a slice of apple pie. Diners are all about simple food done exactly right.

Erica woke up Sunday morning with the word "chopsteak" floating in her head, so off it was to the Little Corner Restaurant (the place that always makes it sound like you can't remember its name), not that we would have needed much prodding, anyway. I got the no-thanks-I-don't-need-a-menu, two-eggs-scrambled-pork-chop-grits-raisin-toast-buttered, and Erica got the same, but with eggs over medium and a chopsteak that perfectly satisfied her craving.