Jameson Show - Epsiode Two

If you want to see some of the finest second camera work on a puppet-hosted talk show ever, then you want to see the new episode of the Jameson show.

A little behind the scenes story: while Phineas was showing us all how to make a screen print, I learned that once you start pulling a screen, you have to keep going -- if you let the ink dry out on the screen you have to strip it and start over fresh. So once we started filming, Phineas had to finish the evening's work. But after we were done with the interview, Noah and Greg remembered a piece of footage they wanted to shoot with Phineas. I offered to take over pulling the screens. Phineas gave me a super-quick lesson and then monitored me for a few prints and then I was on my own. I ended up doing that last screen for about 20 of the 100 prints Phineas was doing. When they go on sale, will this knowledge that I touched a couple of them send the price skyrocketing amongst things-Fuzzy-touched aficionados? We can only hope.