Latte Plays Coin Quest

Erica had become obsessed with an Adult Swim web-show called [Fish Center Live( It’s a show that features almost exclusively a live feed of a fish tank with various graphics placed over it. There’s a lot that goes on on the show, but the center piece is a game called “Coin Quest”—graphics of coins with point values are placed on screen and the announcers call out as the fish earn points by swimming through the coins. The other day on the show they showed a quick mock up of an idea for an augmented-reality app where you could play Coin Quest anywhere you wanted with your phone and they showed a screen shot of the coins placed over a photo of some cats.

So combine this with the fact that I noticed that if I set my cam-corder down to its lowest quality setting I could record about 12 hours of video to the SD Card. I’d been wanting to use that to see just how long Latte slept each day. So the other day I recorded 7 hours of her cat bed, just to see what was going on. You can see 2 hours of footage in this video (don’t worry, I sped it up a little).