Looking Back: 2006

Last year I did a year-in-review thing where I took the first sentence from the first post of each month and it proved to be an interesting snapshot of the year, so here's 2006:

January 2006: Am I allowed to say that we had a terrible New Year's Eve? more

February 2006: After reading so much science fiction in a row, I was feeling a little genre-shame, so I dug out a buzz-worthy book from last year (my copy's cover notes that it's a Today's Book Club selection) -- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. more

March 2006: Just so you know, if you want to get me to help you with your thing, all you have to do is say "it's an art project." more

April 2006: I've been sitting in as "Comic #2" in Lavender Cabaret's Femme TV burlesque show for the past few months. more

May 2006: Our Tetris DS friend code is 7277-1792-4430. more

June 2006: The Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority (aka Asheville [NC]: any way you like it) is holding a contest to design their new TV ad. more

July 2006: I finally did my first Chicago Critical Mass ride, and I'm kicking myself that I've been in Chicago this long and never done one. more

August 2006: We're back in town, rested and refreshed from the honeymoon -- the first honest-to-goodness vacation I've taken in years. more

September 2006: How many subways of the world have you ridden on? more

October 2006: I promise this is not going to turn into an all-cats-on-beds-all-the-time blog. more

November 2006: It's almost election day, and so time for me to harrange all my friends to a) vote and b) vote out some judges. more

December 2006: Goldie's Trail Bar-B-Que is a Reid family staple, and I've got my meal down, now, after trying most of the menu over the years: barbequed sausage sandwich, side of the garlic bread, steal a few fries off of someone else's plate. more