Price Point

Certain things are in process and certain other things have been purchased (bookshelves can be more expensive than you'd think) and so Erica and I are in what we call a "no-spend zone". No CDs, no DVDs, no books, no video games. No board games, my new obsession. None.

And, oh, there are temptations. I broke down at Funny Ha-Ha. If you're a performer, and you're standing in front of me, and your CD or DVD is priced $10 or less, it'd probably take wild dogs ripping my arms off to prevent me from handing you a crisp Hamilton. Damn you, Steve Delahoyde, for knowing my weakness.

And then... stuff like this triggers some primordial response in my reptilian brain or something. A GameCube and two controllers and two games! I want to buy one for every kid I know.

And damn Steve twice, it's exact opposite of a no-spend zone, but if I had a spare $200 you know I'd be all over this.