366 Cartoons - 025 - Knight and Dragon

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266 Cartoons - 025 - Knight and Dragon

Knight & Dragon (and sometimes Princess) is a pretty classic cartoon combination. I saw a tweet from Cory Doctorow this morning about a new cartooning book for kids with a knight and dragon on the cover and this popped into my head in the shower. It took a number of iterations before I was happy that the dragon didn't just look like a lumpy alligator. And I kept drawing the knight with his helmet down, until I realized that that was dumb (also, crusader robes -- much easier to draw than armor)*.

I filled the page in my lil' sketchbook with the drawing, so originally this was the first of my cartoons that I hadn't hand-lettered -- I used a font that I made of my own handwriting via the YourFonts website (it's free!). But the font isn't tweaked at all and the more I looked at the longer words like "availability" the more I didn't like it, so I wrote out the dialogue and scanned it in.

* Oh snap -- that's the way the knight is drawn on the cover of that book. I guess I was trying to get away from that inspiration with all the armoured knights I drew (badly). Then I did a Google image search for knight and I was all like "aha -- crusader robes would be easy to draw. I must be a genius for thinking of that!" Sigh.