366 Cartoons - 109 to 113

Once again I've gotten behind on scanning.

366 Cartoons - 109 - Gerdes and Pig

For some reason, jokes that rely on the audience being familiar with another joke are hilarious to me. Here's one of my favorite jokes: "You know what happens when you assume... you're often wrong."

366 Cartoons - 110 - Pig Burp

Not that you care at all -- it's my dumb self-challenge art project -- but here's your proof that I really am doing one of these a day. Because if I was drawing them in batches every couple of days, would I include a hastily drawn burping pig, drawn in a tiny spiral notebook that Erica keeps on the nightstand for late-night note taking?

366 Cartoons - 111 - Lil' Viking and Moon

I was just doodling around creating some characters, but I may come back to these guys to see what they have to say.

366 Cartoons - 112 - Latte Around the House

Latte is named Latte because she's coffee colored, more or less. Brownish, to be sure.

366 Cartoons - 113 - Coyote and Raven

You'll probably need to see the large size to read the dialog, because I didn't plan the layout very well. Also, sharks!