366 Cartoons - 174 to 181

366 Cartoons - 174 - Schmuzzy and Schmerica

Get Your Rear in Gear.

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366 Cartoons - 175 - New York

366 Cartoons - 176 - New York Landmarks

I'm not sure the math works out, but I was certainly not in NYC very long and spent most of it in a small, server-filled room.

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366 Cartoons - 177 - Schmuzzy and Schmerica

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart.

366 Cartoons - 178 - Japanese Cat

I have to admit, Maru is cute.

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366 Cartoons - 179 - Coyote and Raven

We packed really light for our weekend getaway to New York, and so instead of all the sketch pads and pencils and pens I've accumulated since I started this project, I took a little moleskine and a couple of pens. This one and the next two were drawn in that little notebook.

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366 Cartoons - 180 - Unicorn Crotch

I don't think I even remember the sequence of conversation that led to (the other) Erica uttering the phrase "Fuzzy has unicorn crotch", but say it she did.

366 Cartoons - 181 - The Weather

New York is great, but when we got stuck there, I just assumed that's what the weather was back in Chicago.

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