Helmet laws = boo

Look at FuzzyCo getting all political. If you're not in Chicago you can just skip this one. If you do live in Chicago, I wanted to make sure y'all knew that the vote on Alderman Edward Burke's (14th) proposed helmet ordinance for the city of Chicago is coming up on November 3.

Regardless of what you think about the importance of helmets to motorcycle safety (and yes, I usually wear one) all you have to do is look at those little "helmets" they wear on American Choppers (New York State has a helmet law) to realize that all a helmet law does is make people who don't really want to wear a helmet go out and buy a $40 piece of plastic.

I've already emailed my alderman (find yours) and asked her to vote no on the helmet ordinance.

Sun-Times: Alderman proposes city helmet law