And I have to get ready for the AYUMDS auditions this weekend. If you haven't already signed up for the auditions, why not?

I have plenty of work to do for the show. I work with Megan Pedersen, who produces the Playground's Directors Series and at lunch when she mentioned that it looked like the first DS show of 2003 was going to fall through because of the director's other projects and that the Playground was getting a donated video projector, I threw out that there was this movie dubbing show I've always wanted to do, and since The Neutrino Project was closing (it's not), I'd have plenty of time to direct it.

Next thing I know, Megan got the board to approve the show, we've got auditions scheduled, and now I have to do the damn thing.

Last night I spent a bunch of time on-line buying copies of re-dubbed movies. For example, I reference Woody Allen's What's Up Tiger Lily a lot in relation to this show, but I realized that I didn't own a copy to be able to show anyone what I was talking about.

Here are some good things: I've been thinking about this show for awhile and I've got plenty of ideas about how I want it to work. Megan -- it'll be nice to work with a producer that's not me (or Shaun). This show's gonna be just plain fun -- that's a plus.