Best Bet

Update: We've renamed the show SINema.

Dirty Movie Night - MetroMix Best Bet

Dirty Movie Night is a MetroMix "Best Bet" in today's RedEye (or as Jared said last night, "we're number two on the PowerPick, with a Star"). I'm not sure I actually understand that first sentence of the blurb, but I do encourage you to come and "get your dose".

And again, criminey. We actually ran through the whole show last night, in Shaun's living room, and tonight we tech at the Improv Kitchen for the first (and last, pre-show) time. I'm going to be tweaking the video right up until opening night, which is, I guess, regular. I'm always doing everything at the last minute anyway, so all that this show schedule has done is let me skip the weeks where I feel the nagging sense of dread that I should be working on the show, but don't.

And I'll throw in here that Saturday night you can come and see Erica and I try out some new characters at Don't Spit the Water (check the front page to see our heads wiggle back and forth). We'll be (versions of) Maya and Miguel (and I'm suddenly thinking that if I'm going to do things like link to their site that maybe we should have called them Daya and Diguel or something).