Best ever (yet)

Best. Cinema 2.0. Ever. (so far -- two weeks left)

Whew. That was some hot, hot Cinema 2.0 action.

The movie this week was The Harrad Experiment, a 70s drama about "free love" and it's consequences. It's notable for being Don Johnson's first starring role, for lots of nudity (which was already edited out of the DVD version I have), and, of interest only to improv-history buffs, for an appearance by Ace Trucking Company, an improv group that included Fred Willard.

The suggestion was "History" which hovered around the show all night, but the main action hinged around an off-handed comment from Homer as "Professor Snodgrass" that a murder had been committed on campus. Don Johnson became an undercover cop who was toying with the affections of the woman pretending to be his wife.

Yay!s go to Ben and Todd for their tight, pointed playing, to Michael for the theme song ("The History of Your Life") which popped up at crucial moments, and Phillip and Andrea for the torturous relationship of "Don" and his "wife".

Like I said up top, only two weeks left for this funny, funny show. Next week: Canadian Sci-Fi.