"Hell-week comes to Frogtown"

I was in Phoenix over the weekend for a festival, but I made it back in time for Cinema 2.0 by flying out very early on Sunday morning. I had just enough time to dub the VCDs of the Harrad Experiment for next week and print off the screen breakdowns and do the character assignments and head over to the theater.

This week's movie was Hell Comes to Frogtown, a post-apopalyptic* movie starring "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

We had a few cast-members' parents in the audience and when I mentioned that in our re-show warm-up, Trish said "Oh no -- whenever I get warned to keep a show clean, I always get really dirty." That proved to be true for everyone, not just Trish. It was a dirty, dirty show. Of course, it's probably my fault for picking a movie that features Roddy Piper in a remote-control chastity belt.

I asked for a suggestion of a minor household problem and got "leaky pipes". That became the problem that led to the apocalypse that led to our movie. In a world without water, Roddy had the special ability to create water. From his, you know, thingy. Yeah, it was a little weird. Oh, and he was rushing a fraterity, also.

The show was very blue, and the voice work was a little sloppy, but in terms of creating a new plot for the movie that actually made a little bit of sense, this was one of our best efforts so far. And Trish singing snippets of Culture Club songs was bee-you-ti-FULL.

* When I was in school, the Purdue Exponent had a movie review that included this misspelling, and now whenever I say "apocalyptic", I think "apopalyptic" in my head (apopalyptic is a world after pop music, I suppose).