I'm with the band

We had our first Cinema 2.0 rehearsal with the band -- WOW! Adding music to the mix adds so much. I already knew that Ben is great to work with (he's been running for the Neutrino Project) and Todd seems nice, too, and has the best multi-instrument setup I've ever seen.

We were missing almost the half the cast because of the Dirty South Improv Fest, but I was impressed with the energy that the remaining four cast members were able to bring to the show. Even big crowd scenes and fights sounded OK.

I've picked most of the movies for the show and now I'm just slogging through editing them (I've set an arbitrary limit of 75 minutes, figuring that's about how long this show will be funny for. I'd hate for it to be funny for 75 minutes and then go one for another 15.)