We're listed in the Reader and in Lawrence Bommer's Opening Nights column in the Chicago Tribune, so that's good. Here's what Bommer wrote:

Beginning Sunday is this 90-minute film/theater event inspired by the Woody Allen classic "What's Up Tiger Lily?" and the recent "Kung Pow" martial arts spoof. The weekly evening entertainment features the talents of seven improvisors as they "dub" in the voices and Foley effects for a relatively unfamiliar B-movie. The selection will change weekly as will the score, always by Ben Taylor's live band.

Director Fuzzy Gerdes sees it as Chicago irreverence in a new format. "The great advantage is that it's all live and unscripted and even more anarchic than Allen's calculated travesty. To keep it unpredictable the cast won't see the movie beforehand." That's why we can't announce it either.

Just a couple quibbles (I don't know why I quibble with free publicity -- am I brain-damaged or something?) I didn't say that quote. Not that I mind. Don Hall has been helping out, in his Pit Bull PR guise, with press contacts for Cinema 2.0. Lawrence called Don earlier this week seeking quotes from me for that column. Lawrence was a few hours away from deadline (some days it seems like all writers are a few hours away from deadline. I work with writers. I know this.) and when Don couldn't get ahold of me or Megan (we both work at the same place and things are busy at work right now) Don took material from this journal and the press release and presented it as a quote from me. Yay, but there are a couple of things Don didn't know at the time:

I haven't seen Kung Pow and I really didn't think about it all when I was working up Cinema 2.0 (I've posted about what I was thinking about.) And the cast will have seen the movies once or twice before the show. The main reason we haven't publicized a complete list of movies is that I've been been behind schedule and didn't have the complete list set until yesterday.

The really interesting part is that Don managed to capture my real feelings about the show. I don't think I would ever say "calculated travesty" but I do want the show to have a very loose, wild feel to it. That's part of why we're doing eight different movies instead of repeating the same movies several times (as others do -- not that there's anything wrong with that).