Poster and site

I've got the poster done for Cinema 2.0 and I've put up a little web page for the show. It's not a FuzzyCo production, so I really should have just put the files together and then handed them off to Holly to put on the Playground site, but sometimes I get a particular kind of lazy where I figure it's just easier to do it myself. I'm guessing Megan will fuss at me and I'll have to fix it later, but I wanted to get something up.

I was in my photo studio (i.e. my front hallway) taking pictures of a microphone and videotape to Photoshop some sort of videotape/microphone hybrid for the show poster (quite frankly, my ideas were a little too close to the Twisted Flicks logo). At some point, I decided to pull the videotape out of the case and try arranging the microphone in loops of videotape to see what that would look like. My cat Latt´┐Ż decided that was the best cat toy she had ever seen and attacked it with both vim and vigor. And... voila, a poster image is born. It almost makes sense, in a kind of "reordering the movie via the playfulness of improv, represented here by a cat" kinda way.