Something a little different

Well, we're coming to the close of our second run of Cinema 2.0 and we thought we'd mark the occasion with something special. Usually, of course, we show B-movies and replace the dialogue and soundtrack. For this show, we're going to show a good movie and replace the dialogue and soundtrack. Our movie next weekend (Saturday, April 24) is... dun-un dun-un/dun-un dun-un.... Jaws!

I've cut the movie down to a extra-taut hour for your late night viewing convenience and our talented cast will be improvisationally creating new dialogue for the movie while Ben Taylor and Todd Leibov improvoise a new score.

(This weekend we have the last Wild Card show of the Around Midnite Series, featuring the rock-your-socks-off musical stylings of Your Little Ponies. Get out and get some rock!)