First Post-Armando Rehearsal

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Today's lesson was "Greg Inda is mean." That and "we can do this thing."

We had 8 of 11 at this rehearsal (not bad for such a large cast and a holiday weekend) and our first rehearsal without Armando. Shaun had told me he was impressed with Greg's Assistant Directing work with Free Mason Jar, which is why we asked him to do this show, but until this rehearsal I had mostly seen Greg take occasional notes in his notebook and stare at us. This rehearsal, he took charge. And he's a lot harder on us than Armando ever was. Cool.

And the week off had, I think, given all of us a chance to process some of the massive amounts of information we had learned in the last week. Our runs through the show went very well. Though if anybody gives us "Treaty of Versailles" as a suggestion of an event we may throw a chair at them.