Fourth Show

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Yes, you read that right. The suggestion for the event to explore was the show itself. We threw in elements of making fun of ourselves and the show, and treating it the way we would treat any other event - so we had SNL scouts coming to see the show, and reviewers as characters and so on. Phillip plugging Superpunk in the middle of the show was hi-larious.

Two good things: the house was sold out on Saturday. Yay! And Jonathan Pitts came backstage just before the show and invited us to perform at the Chicago Improv Festival on the Showcase stage. Yay! (That show is only going to be a half-an-hour, which I understand has been a problem for shows like Dinner for Six that really need an hour. We had so many problems stretching the show out, that squeezing it back down to half-an-hour should be no problem.)

We don't have a show this week (Feb. 2) so we'll having a pick-up rehearsal sometime this week. Only two shows left after that (well, until the CIF).