Second Eventé Rehearsal

After tonight's rehearsal, if I think about the fact that we've only had two rehearsals, I think it's great how far we've gotten. If I think about the fact that we only have three rehearsals left, I wonder if we're going to make it.

Tonight, we gave a lot more shape to the form. We ran the three pre-event scenes up to the event, and then we did some work on seeing scenes after the event. We had one where the event was a birth where everything really came together. It was really cool -- Dina Facklis' doctor character was redeemed, Shaun's doctor character met his comeuppance, Laurel and Rob's baby was born, Patrick and Nancy both died in a tragic hospital accident.

We also got to the very beginning of the form -- a glimpse of the actual event, then a jump back in time to the three, unrelated (as yet) scenes. So we know a few crucial details of where we're headed.

This show has a lot of 'improv-math' in it, but there's room for play, too. I think we're all overwhelmed a bit by the amount of thinking we have to do in this show, and that's what's making people a bit tentative, still. Armando was confident that this would all be second nature to us by the end of the week, and I'm going to trust him (that's why we brought him in to direct the show, after all).