Second Post-Armando Rehearsal

Here's one of the ways Greg Inda is so mean. He made us do the warm-up we all hate (Follow the follower) even though Armando is gone.

The show goes up tonight, and we're set. Everybody but one (Rob Smith cut up his hand really bad over the holidays and was dealing with arranging for surgery) was at the rehearsal and we ran some good shows. And we got (hopefully) the blue out of our systems with a really raunchy "Wedding."

Now that I'm not worried as a player, I'm worrying as a producer. We're listed in the Reader and the New City (and probably elsewhere, but those are always the first two I check) and I hear we have a reviewer coming tonight. But UPS lost my postcards -- they're somewhere in the UPS building in downtown Chicago, but they can't find them. They were coming late anyway, because of the printing schedule at RocketPostcards over the holidays, so I really wanted to have them for opening night so that the sold-out crowd (fingers crossed) could all take twenty and give them to all their friends with rave reviews.

Oh, and we lost a show. Because of some sort of fund-raising raffle (it wasn't all clear to me) WNEP is having a private party on Saturday, February 2, so we won't have a show that night. I'm a little sad, both as a producer, because it drives our seats-per-night-to-break-even up, and because the 3rd is my birthday and I was looking forward to a full weekend of shows for my birthday.

And hey, I got the cast bios and pictures up and this afternoon I'm making programs for the show.