Quick Mississippi Trip

Father and Daughter, laughing

We spent the weekend in Mississippi, visiting Erica's folks, eating plenty of food (of course), and attending the Smith/Reid family reunion. As an extra treat, Sara and Erik and Faelyn came along for the ride. For a three-day trip with the stated goal of having as few goals as possible, we sure packed a lot in. And it was delightful to get to spend so much time with Faelyn, who is one of my favorite small people.

Of note in the food dept., the Reid family staple Goldie's Trail Bar-B-Que has moved. (2430 South Frontage Road, Vicksburg, MS is the new address -- the old one is still on a bunch of websites.) The old place had a quaint log cabin-y exterior and no decor to speak of inside. The new place has even less decor inside and a very bland outside. However, it's three times the size of the old place and the food is the same. Oh, except for the addition of an incredible sandwich -- the Becca's Special. Goldie's has always had great garlic bread and this sandwich lets you put barbequed beef, pork, or sausage on garlic bread. It's an excellent idea and I can't believe I never thought of it before.

There's a story behind this photo and I don't think I want to share it in public. Maybe I will at Sickest Stories. Yeah, it's that kind of story.

Did I take some other pictures while we were there? Uh, yeah.