Fraternal Understudies

We had a Fratricide rehearsal last night to plug-in Zach Ward, who's understudying Mike Burns. Homer had scheduled two rehearsals and a meeting to get Zach up to speed, but it just took the one rehearsal. Somehow it doesn't seem fair -- the rest of us had to work for weeks (and the actors worked a lot harder than I did) to get the show where it is now, and Zach can just waltz in and be ready to go in a few hours (he did have to come in off-book (that is, with his lines memorized. Is anyone reading this who didn't know what that meant?)). It's not that Zach is so brilliant (I mean, he is, but my point is...) there's just something about coming into a show where everyone else already knows what's supposed to happen that makes everything easier.