FuzzyCo Year in Review

Via Mugsy, a "your year in review" meme: I've taken the first sentence of the first entry of each month here and it's an odd little overview of what 2005 was like for me.

January 2005: Raza Obrera wear orange overalls and have a harp player who dances around with his full-size harp the same way a guitar player does.

February 2005: We're in Miami!

March 2005: Hey, Erica's choreography was on national television!

April 2005: I spent part of my Saturday painting the trim in the front hallway (finally finishing an 11-month-old project) and listening to Mitch All Together in memory of Mitch Hedberg, who died last week.

May 2005: Pretty uneventful second weekend of the Chicago Improv Festival -- except for the Odd Political Thing that I had to fix in my video unexplainably reverting to the Old Wrong Name the one time the Important Person was there.

June 2005: Over on the Chicago Metroblog I just posted a round-up of our favorite french fries (yay - alliteration).

July 2005: Some weekend suggestions from FuzzyCo HQ: The exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo that Kate did all the art for has opened.

August 2005: We're back from Ann Arbor -- a wonderful trip; Dan, Trish, and Sabrina are delightful hosts.

September 2005: Though this one could be a poster pull-out quote: "Newcity's 5 shows to see now."

October 2005: Even when he's just typing, Shaun swears a lot.

November 2005: We finished up our 5th full run of the Neutrino Project in Chicago with another daaaangerous show.

December 2005: I left off that last post a little abruptly... I had to go run meet the plumber, who, once again, did not show up.