Mouse Beard Fred

Back in November I did the Sybilization solo improv performance thing and in one of my shows I created (as one does in an improv show) a character named Mouse Beard Fred, who was a creepy guy who had a mouse named Malcom living in his beard. In the show, he tried to attack a woman who turned out to be a kung fu expert and easily handed him over to the police. Who then put him in a box, that being, as far as I can tell, the standard punishment for attacking women in that improv world. (Often, describing an improv show is like describing a dream -- "it made sense at the time.")

My friend Noah Gigex saw the show and was so taken with Mouse Beard Fred that he informed me after the show (informed -- not asked) that he would be making a cartoon character out of him. And it seems he has. And plastered him on a variety of Cafe Press merchandise.

Joey deVilla has this "theory that in the infinite set of universes -- the multiverse -- there was one particular universe in what happened to us right here was being watched as a TV show over there. We then made a solemn vow to live in such a way that we kept our ratings up." I think ratings are pretty high right now on the Fuzzy Show.