Schadenfreude -- One Night Only

[Schadenfreude] (Little cough, lean in a little too close) Have I mentioned that I'm the executive producer of the Around Midnite Series? OK, I don't really do that much (no, really, I don't really do that much).

When we moved the AMS over to the Lakeshore Theater, we lost one of the shows that made up part of the series. Rather than try and find a new show that could commit to once-a-month performances from January to May, I decided to fill the slot with 5 different groups and call the slot "Wild Card." The first Wild Card was WNEP's Angry White Guy last month. This month, on Saturday, February 21 (at, duh, midnight) we have Chicago's own Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude is one of Chicago's best sketch comedy groups and this marks one of their rare live appearances since they began airing their radio show on WBEZ (91.5 FM). And it's only $5.

(This weekend at the AMS is The Sickest F***in' Stories I Ever Heard, in a special all-female Valentine's Day edition.)