Another show

Last night Erica and I drove out to Oak Brook to see Kristen in Once Upon a Mattress. She's been getting rave reviews, so we went to see what all the fuss was about.

If you like musical theater, and poofy-sleeved costunes, you'd do worse than to see one of the remaining 16 shows (over the next two weeks) of Once Upon a Mattress. (I hope that doesn't sound like faint praise. Kristen was funny, the rest of the cast was fine, the costumes were colorful. I'm just not a fan of the genre and I think there are things I'm not appreciating.)

And since it's Christmas, the Drury Lane lobby is 35% glitterier. 35% more than "very, very shiny".

And since we were in Oak Brook and got lost trying to get back on I-88 East, we stopped at the big McDonald's that's across the parking lot from McD's Corporate HQ. Fancy. I was hoping for some test-market items on the menu (McRibs Pizza! It could work!) but was disappointed in that. So we just had to rock out to the non-stop techno and relax in the comfy chairs by the fireplace. For reals.