Congrats, DG

Newcity has published a great review of Dan Izzo's Damnation Game:

#4 on the List of 5 Shows to See Now!

The Damnation Game, Fridays at 10:30 at the Bailiwick through April,
1229 W. Belmont.

Hell in the 1950s might have looked something like this. Local improv vet Dan Izzo directs a six-person cast in a biting adaptation of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" that relies on audience participation and grants prizes to those who sacrifice themselves for inevitable embarrassment. But it's all in good fun--a pre-show handout asks if you�re willing to jump up on stage, so if you�re shy, don�t sweat. Much like the British- turned-American improv show, the comedians play for prizes, including a considerable amount of Rice-a-Roni this time, in the name of an audience member. Erica Nos[c]hang�s exploitation of drunk, socialite America is priceless, while Bill Cochran keeps the audience wrapped in giggles with mere facial expressions. Izzo does an effective job as the show�s "host," a pissed-off Drew Carey of sorts, leading a young, promising cast of actors who work well together.

-Tom Lynch