Give Paul Kamp the Finger

Paul Kamp is a Chicago musician -- he plays guitar in three different bands and bass in R. Buzzy and used to play with Busker Soundcheck. Of course, you can't make a living as a musician, so Paul fixes boats, too. Three weeks ago, a hatch closed on his left index finger. He lost most of the top of the finger. He will play again (this is a man I saw do a show with a theremin because he couldn't play his bass due to a broken arm) but it's going to take time and reconstructive surgery. To raise money for that surgery, a bunch of Paul's musical friends are getting together to "Give Paul Kamp the Finger".

Saturday, September 11th (eek!), 10 pm at Martyrs' (3855 N Lincoln). $15 donation at the door.

The line up so far includes:
Busker Soundcheck members Chris Klein & Dan Sopher with guest guitarists
Dyslexic Apaches (reunion)
Gringo Starr
Led Zeppelin live experience
R. Buzzy
Snaklab All-Tsars
The Artist Formally Known As Vince
and as many guests and surprises as time will allow.

Every band will be playing a Busker Soundcheck song in their own style.

If you can't make the show and still want to help out, you can contact Dan Sopher at