Layer Tennis Flip by Erica

Behind the Scenes of the Layer Tennis 'Dance' Coin Flip

Y'all know I'm a longtime fan of Coudal Partners' Layer Tennis, the online live design contest. Every week the order of the two contestants is determined by a coin flip by The Ref. This week is the Championship Match of the season* and Coudal has an appropriately grandiose coin flip: fancy dancing ladies choreographed by (and including) Erica.

The Flip

Steve's Thanks to the Dancers

* One of the two finalists in the season today is Mig Reyes, who I played in the first ever Layer Tennis Qualifying Match. Yeah, that's right, I gave the kid his start.

Update: I took some behind the scenes shots at filming of the video, including some on, not that it matters but I'm mentioning anyway, some shot on some black&white film I'm trying to use up because, really, film?

Flickr set of the aforementioned