Or if you prefer...

Child's Play

Or if you prefer your charity a little more get-out-the-ol'-checkbook (and a little more tug-the-heartstrings) Penny Arcade has launched the second year of their holiday charity Child's Play. Penny Arcade is a hilarious (and violent and foul-mouthed) web comic for gamers. Last year they decided to combat the media image of gamers as mass murderers-in-training by organizing gamers to donate toys and money to the Seattle Children's Hospital. Last year they raised over $250,000 in cash and toy donations.

This year they've expanded Child's Play to include Children's Hospitals in Houston, Oakland, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. Many of the items on the wish lists are, as Kitty Loaf reminds me, about the cost of a latte. You don't need that much caffiene anyway.