T'other video

The other video project I knocked out over the weekend was an editing job for the Neo-Futurists. I was handed about 90 minutes of footage of Contraption rehearsals and a loose script and I edited together this one minute trailer for the play.

To preemptively answer a question that's come up a couple of times, I deliberately didn't use any 'scratches' or 'jittery film' effects for two reasons. First, since I knew that the target venue here was YouTube, I wanted to keep the image as clean as possible -- YouTube's video compression already makes video plenty ugly-looking. And second, it almost feels like a cliche at this point. I know it's an accurate cliche for silent films, but it still feels over-used.

As with so many of my video projects, I'm really indebted to the multitude of musicians all over the world who have freely shared their music under Creative Commons (or other) licenses so that a very non-musical fellow such as myself can score his films. The delightful piano music in this trailer is a piece called Mister Exposition by Kevin MacLeod.