Once again I present my weekend plans as a proposed model for your weekend plans.

Tonight (Friday, 10/29) we're having our work Halloween/10th anniversary of playboy.com party (umm... you're not invited, sorry). But candy and beer will surely get me in the mood to see Dan in Shades of Red: Four Tales of Horror and Intrigue at 8 pm. It's four spooooky one-act plays presented by the Box Theatre Group at Frankie J's Methadome Theatre (4437 N Broadway). Will I have time for ribs at Frankie J's before the show? I hope so. Yummy. Anyway, it's the last night for Shades of Red. So... Boo!

Then from Boo! to Ha! and from last to first, it's the opening night of Don't Spit the Water, a crazy new live game show presented by
Steev at The Playground (3209 N Halsted) at 10:30 pm. Erica is Cutie Bumblesnatch in the show, so I have to go. But you will want to! The show runs Fridays until November 17.

Saturday (10/30) I'm performing with Chicago Comedy Company at The Playground (still 3209 N Halsted) at 8 pm. I've been performing with this group for a relatively short time, but I really feel like I'm in a good groove with the group and that we're having a lot of fun on stage. Three other groups - Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Orange Whip, and Atticus Finch - will perform also.

And then it's Halloween-Party-Hopping-Time until I collapse on the couch Sunday afternoon to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with some friends. Hmmm... I'm bloated with candy and hung-over already, just thinking about it.