What part of "Don't Spit" does that woman not understand?

Steev had guessed that the opening night of the new open run of Don't Spit the Water would have 30 people in the audience. I'm happy to say that he was 200% wrong (50% wrong?) -- the show was jam-packed* and they had to turn people away. A reviewer was there from the Daily Herald, so look for that review soonish.

I had my camera* along and Steev has put up a gallery of some of the shots. I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do because I was helping Cutie Bumblesnatch with some of her bits, but here are some of my favorites:

A completely candid and unposed backstage photo.

Cutie makes someone spit just by staring at them while wearing a viking hat and marshmallows on her fingers.

Staedtler Per Müstach emotes the heck out of a song.

Earl LaRue makes the same woman spit through the sheer power of his maniless.