Eating our way across the South - Sweet Daddy's BBQ

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Gas Station BBQ in Jackson

Erica's been talking about "gas station barbeque" for years, and I was thinking of places like Rudy's in Texas -- full size restaurants that happen to be attached to gas stations. That's not the case in Mississippi -- gas stations have a smoker on the grounds* and a small selection of barbeque inside. Sweet Daddy's BBQ at the Exxon on Northside Dr and Hwy 55 in Jackson has a single case of meat inside and a gentleman standing beside it ready to serve you up some ribs.

There's nowhere to sit or anything -- we took our bbq and some Dr. Peppers out to the grass beside the station and ate our lunch while watching the traffic passing on the off-ramp of 55. But my god, that was some good barbeque -- a sweet, baked-on sauce, good meat. Damn. And that was a huge turkey leg.

* It's a natural combination -- gasoline and a slow-smouldering fire.