Careful What You Wish For

I complained before about not getting cast in a short film a friend of Shaun had written. Well, our friend Lance moved to upstate New York and I inherited his part in the short. Yay for being around.

We did the majority of the shoot on Sunday night. I was very impressed when we showed up at the director's apartment (which was also the set) -- he had built a 6" platform around 3 sides of his dining room for a stedicam operator to circle us while we did the main sequence of the film (a dinner party). And that was cool -- the director had hired a stedicam and it was very interesting to see how that gear works.

But... there was some sort of problem with the stedicam monitor that ate up an hour or so. And there were all the usual things-taking-longer-than-expected problems that any film shoot (heck, any technical project) faces. And I understand that under the best circumstances acting in a film involves a lot of sitting around waiting. But it all added up to a slightly frustrated evening. I was the last to shoot closeups and so I didn't leave until about 3 am.

Double-frustrating was that since we went late, we didn't finish all the shooting. So now I can't change my hair drastically (I was thinking of going blond for the summer again) until we shoot the remaining bits of this short.