Challenge: Winners (sorta)

dog-still.jpgDog, the short that FuzzyCo shot for The Challenge was the winner... for best writing. I still consider that a win for FuzzyCo -- would anyone have noticed how good the writing was if we hadn't shot it well? (Or Jennifer M. Fah edited it so nicely?) I think not. Anyway, a nice side-effect of the win is that you can watch Dog online (parental/safe-for-work guidance: good-natured profanity, a kinda gross run-over "dog").

(The Challenge consisted of three parts -- the FuzzyCo crew wrote a script, but then handed it off to a randomly chosen team and we were handed one by "Quick and Dirty" (Jaime Pilarski & Lauren Austin). Our script, it turns out, wasn't really filmed -- the crew that got it made a short film about actors sitting around making fun of our script. That is, I suppose, their right. (Their right to be jags.))

Oh, and the winner for "Best Editing", March of the Misunderstood, features the prop that FuzzyCo brought to The Challenge -- Shaun's Mortal Kombat II SNES cartridge.