Matt posted this in the comments of the last entry in the "Hey, I'm in a Movie" journal, but I'll repeat it here:

It's been a long road...but the post-production process on Dancing With Gaia was completed on Sunday, March 9, at about 7:00 PM.

While producer Dallas Trinkle was throwing back beers with Robert Rodriguez at SXSW, editor Andrew Merczak and I were putting the final
finishing touches on the film, along with composer Brian Crane.

The final running time of the film is 57 minutes. You should be getting an email from us within the next six weeks with more information about when you can expect your very own copy of DWG (sorry to be so vague; I'm still getting answers on the turnaround time of duplication, etc).

Thank you all for your hard work in making this movie come to life. When I watch the film, I see the wonderful energy and art that every person contributed. This movie is truly a collaboration, and every one who was a part of it added their own spice to that recipe. It was a true pleasure working with you, and I hope that we can all do it again. See you for the sequel!