Fast Forward Film Fest: Start and Stop

This last weekend FuzzyCo participated in the Fast Forward Film Festival #15. Our topic was the pair of words "Start and Stop" (other groups got "Give and Take" and "Listen and Learn"). Also, everyone's movie had to include footage of Bob and Zach, two friends of the organizers. We came up with a short-and-sweet twist-in-the-end story of a glitchy robot. We included the footage of Bob and Zach as a fighting video game that the Robot and his girlfriend were playing.

Jin Kim and Alex Farlow
The Robot (Jin Kim) and Guy in Intersection (Alex Farlow)

Fuzzy Gerdes and Jin Kim
The Robot and Guy on Playground (Fuzzy Gerdes)

Start and Stop
The Robot and The Robot's Girlfriend (Erica Reid)

Start and Stop
The Robot and his Girlfriend play "Bob and Zach: The Video Game"

This was the lightest attended Fast Forward yet, with only 13 teams registered and, by my shakey estimate, only 9 or 10 teams submitting completed films. So, we were fairly optimistic about winning one of the three prizes this time.

We didn't.

The first place film deserved to win, but it rankled a little that one of the other winning films recycled their own footage from a Vidiocy entry. I don't think it's actually forbidden (the Fast Forward isn't very rule-bound), but it seems to go against the spirit of the Fast Forward.

Which is probably how we ended up in the street outside the showing shotgunning beers. Shaun didn't quite believe that I had shotgunned a beer with Alex at the Village Idiot in New York a couple weeks ago. Somehow the deal became that if I would shotgun one beer, Shaun would do two.

Some peer pressure and manhood-questioning later and we were on our way. Mmmm... MGD.

Shaun shotgunning a beer

That's Shaun's dad looking on and laughing.